Frequently Asked Questions
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Voices Against Terrorism

Frequently Asked Questions:

- How was VAT created?
A few months before 9-11-2001 some of our founders saw a disturbing video regarding terrorism in America, which motivated us to look for additional material to support the claim that America and the West might become a victim of terrorism.  When we discovered that additional material is available BUT not properly formatted and distributed we decided to start a small project to create a multi-media CD with videos, graphical presentations, and text documents about the threat of terrorism.  Unfortunately, the horrible 9-11 terrorist attack on America confirmed our concerns.  We decided to assist in rooting-out the evil of terrorism through education and we formed Voices Against Terrorism.

- What is VAT's defintion of terrorism? 
Terrorism is the use of violence to target innocent civilians to promote a political, religious, or ideological agenda.
- Does VAT support a specific political party or religion?
No. VAT is strictly non-partisan and non-sectarian. We are simply a group of Americans who want to better understand and help our fellow citizens better understand the terrorist threat against America and what our country and its allies must do to fight terrorism.

- Who is funding VAT?
VAT is a non-profit grassroots organization founded by a dozen Minnesotans who discovered after 9/11 that they and most Americans had little knowledge of terrorism and threat facing America. VATs founders provided seed funding to develop the first multi-media informational kits. VAT now seeks for funding to produce and distribute 35,000 CDs, to hold educational events, and to continue to develop and update the educational material. We welcome your support.

- How VAT is planning to use my contribution?
We are planning to use the funds to (1) produce and distribute innovative, multi media educational material, and (2) develop and conduct workshops and seminars.

- How can I contact VAT?
You can e-mail us at or call us at (612) 677-3839.

E-mail us at

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