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Voices Against Terrorism

Who We Are, Where We've Been

How was Voices Against Terrorism created: 

A few months before 9-11-2001 some of our founders saw a disturbing video regarding terrorism in America, which motivated us to look for additional material to support the claim that America and the West might become a victim of terrorism.  When we discovered that additional material is available BUT not properly formatted and distributed we decided to start a small project to create a multi-media CD with videos, graphical presentations, and text documents about the threat of terrorism.  Unfortunately, the horrible 9-11 terrorist attack on America confirmed our concerns.  We decided to assist in rooting-out the evil of terrorism through education and we formed Voices Against Terrorism.

*** Under Construction *** On this page we'll provide some history about our organization or our cause.

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Did you know?  The leaders of the terror organizations brainwash children to sacrifice their lives to become martyrs.