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Voices Against Terrorism

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The Nonprofit Gazette

Edition 10
March 2000

An interview with Chris Johnson, anti-terrorism expert and entrepreneur

Question: Can you tell us how you first became interested in anti-terrorism?
CJ: When my company started education on the issue, I decided I'd like to give something back to the community. I'd always had a passion for freedom and had been involved in human rights movements in college, so it was my first thought to return to anti-terrorism issues once I'd "made it," so to speak.

Table of Contents

Interview with Mrs. Smith, Freedom-lover and entrepreneur

"Counter-Terrorism in the 21st Century," an editorial by Mr. Harrison

"On the Structure of the Modern Terrorism," an essay by Mark Smith

Organization News

Our organization welcomes Palmer Berry to the staff.

A new session of the terrorism awareness training class begins April 22nd.