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Voices Against Terrorism

Special Reports Regarding Terrorism

*** Click here to download the report "In Their Own Words"

Report name:  In their own words!  Antisemitism and Racism as Policy in the Palestinian Authority.  

Author: Itamar Marcus, for the SIMON WIESENTHAL CENTER.  VAT received a permission to distribute it electronically.

Purpose of the Report: The purpose of this report is to determine to what extent, if any, antisemitism and racism directed at Jews, (distinct from anti-Zionism), is prevalent in Palestinian society and/or is being promoted by the official PA structures. The report surveys Palestinian Authority1 media outlets during the years 1998-2001 to review the PA's ongoing political, cultural, religious, educational and academic discourse, as expressed in print and broadcast journalism2. In addition, formal education is examined through official Palestinian Authority schoolbooks3 to see whether these hateful themes are taught in formal educational settings.

VAT note:  This report is an excelent example of Incitement for Terrorism.

Techinical note:  The report file size is 1.3mb.  This report requires Acrobat Reader, you can download Acrobat Reader for free at:  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html 

The report is 52 pages long, we recommend that you print it, or save it by clicking on the Diskette icon in your Acrobat Reader (when you view the report).

click here to download the report "In Their Own Words!"

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